Create & Control runs throughout the school year, with organizers trying to schedule all the activities proportionally being aware of school duties or holidays. The main part begins in October and ends in May by the last Žilina Summit. You can find out more about this below. 


This month is both the starting and ending point of the competition. After the Final evaluation, the applications for the most important positions -coordinators are open. 

July and August

During the summer admission process is held which ends by 15. august.

At the same time, right after the announcement of the coordinators' selection results, starts the registration of the team members, which is fully in a coordinator charge of and it is up to them which system they will choose. You can read more about it here.


During the first school month is completed the list of team members and the division of tasks in the team begins. You can learn about it more here.


Coordinators meet at Coordinators' meeting, where they undergo training focused on the individual phases of the project and also draw lots for their fictive country and its basic characteristics.


After the Coordinators' meeting students within the team begin to create basic features of their countries such as a name, political and economical system, a form of government, anthem etc.  All these things are outlined in the Participants' Work section.


With December comes as well the First Žilina Summit, "international" meeting of fictive countries in the UN format, where the delegations of countries deal with global issues which have hit our fictive world. 

January- February

Each between the summit period is associated with the investment of fictive finances obtained at the summit in ministries. Also, each country is assigned 5 national problems specific to their country and their solutions will be evaluated by jurors which provide them additional funding for investment. At the same time, due to the school-leaving examination, there is a space here that is used for bonus tasks, on which individual teams can earn and add new information about their country.


We again meet at an international meeting, Second Žilina Summit in March. Since this period is also school-leaving examination period we strive for an early agreement with the teams so the date suits everyone.


After the Second Žilna Summit, there is a time for further investments and national problems.


The last, Third Žilina Summit takes place in May after which the competitors are offered one more chance to invest in ministries. The same rule applies here as in March. School leaving exams are very important for everyone and our goal is not to more complicate your already difficult period.


The last phase of the project is Final evaluation, where we evaluate the whole year and especially announce the winner. It is an opportunity where everyone can evaluate their progress over the last 10 months, praise or blame the mistakes of the organizers and meet with the jurors who were in charge of evaluating national and global issues.

Each month from October to May

World problems will be sent at the beginning of each month and the countries will have a whole month to work them out. Assignment will be uniform for all countries therefore we will take care to avoid frauds. 

At the same time, there will be forms regularly, the task of which will be to find out the mood in the teams and with the help of which we, the organizers, can help you improve.