The Game

What is unique about Create and Control?

We could separate "The game" in 2 different parts, but which are inseparably connected and both providing an irreplaceable experience you can´t find in any other project in the Slovak Republic!

First, "the physical" part of our project is composed of many events - coordinators´ meeting, summits, final evaluation and so on.

The abovementioned events will provide you with many experience and information regarding politics, economics and many other sectors.

For more info visit our "Event" page.

The second part, not less interesting, is our unique Platform!

Platform was created by our InGame team especially for the needs of this project.

In this unique part of our project you can find country descriptions, national and international problems, and many other interactive and funny options how to rule your own kingdom!

This year most of the interactions will be relocated right to this platform, so you will not miss anything important.

InGame map 2019/2020
InGame map 2019/2020

Above you can see the map of our fictitious world, in which participants had a lot of fun and made lots decisions like real rulers!

For more info about visi our "Ingame" page.

Have we persuaded you? Don´t hesitate any longer and join us as a coordinator!