Our Team

Get to know us!

These are not only the faces, but the powerhouses behind the machinery of the competition. Below you can see the departments, in which the organisers operate. We really love what we do and our effectiveness does not decrease!


Michaela Knošková

Adriána Repáňová


The focus of the research team is the creation of a study, which focuses on finding a correlation between the lack of formal dialogue with youth and the growing support of far-right extremism. The members will mostly work with data, gathering, measuring and analysing. To gather, the team will create a standardized questionnaire to test the hypothesis on general population, whilst analytical tasks will be done manually. 


In the last four years of Create & Control we were shaping and adjusting our methods in order to create a valuable and enriching experience for our participants. This year our methodology team will be responsible for the content of events and the format by which activities will be delivered. To spread an example of a good practice and help the strengthening of non-formal education among organisations and youth, we are preparing the first coherent publication of our aims and methods in Create & Control - The Youth Work Methodology. We have three formats of our programme in preparation, the year-long competition format, the short term game format (mainly for one time game used on workshops and youth events) and the in-school format that can be used by teachers.

IT and InGame

Ingame takes care of the entire basis of the competiton, from landscape creation, closing of the contracts, to global issues. The entire InGamce runs on our game software, created directly for the needs and growth of the InGame environment. It teaches competitors how to strategically and tactically manage the country they have created, based on the description the have chosen.

InGame team focuses on every aspect of the game - platform, optional task, mandatory tasks, problems and so on. So if you got some difficult problem, you know where to complain! (No, HR is not the answer.)

Public relations

The public relations team will focus primarily on spreading the reputation of the project. The team is a link between the organizers and the public, as well as the organizers and partners of the project, which include foreign non-profit organizations, international NGOs, but also local and regional youth parliaments, in short, the team's work is communicatively diverse. 


We are a group of young, ambitious, certainly-would-like-to-be-leaders-someday people, in which we are broadening our horizons in the sphere of social media as Facebook or Instagram goes and we try to pursue our project in the best way possible. Apart from merchandise we are taking care of sponsoring as well and of the overall looks of the competition as it may look like in front of 'general audience' as you may be.

Practical matters

The Practical matters team, operating mainly in the background, is primarily responsible for making sure that all the participants have a place to sleep, there are venues for us to be in, everybody has something to eat, and deals with all the other 'practical matters' that might occur during our events. 


Administration is also very important for the smooth run of the project. This team prepares and manages the necessary bureaucratic matters as well as oversees the whole budget of the project, looks for new ways of financing it and deals with accounting. 

Human resources

We care! 

You do not? Never mind, we still do! Our quest is your desire - to feel as best as possible during events, communication or even in your personal life. Our department takes responsibility for effective and fair coordinators´ selection, keeping project participants informed and interested!

Do you have any problem? We are here for you! (No, we really can´t help you with problems, that InGame made for you.)