Participant from Košice

Overall, I am satisfied with the competition. It was fun, especially the summit. And I'm glad I could be part of my team. 

Participant from Bystrica

I would like to thank you for a great project that mainly brought together people with the same interest in this topic and, of course, the organizers for a great project and all the preparation. 

Participant from Rožňava

I am very glad that I could participate in this project, get to know many new

people I still keep in touch with, as well as international policy experience. 

Participant from Trnava

Thank you for a great project, thanks to which I met an incredible number of great people. As I mentioned for your willingness to do something for young people. You have my admiration for all the time you put into it 

Participant from Žilina

Great admiration and thanks not only to the organizers, but to everyone involved. Sophistication was interesting, the activities and the experience unique. I believe we will see each other next year.

Participant from Košice

I must say that this year's competition was at least a level better than the previous year, just because of the punctuality of submitting problems. I can't wait for next year. 

Participant from Levoča

I love you. And thank you for a great experience!

Participant from Trnava

I will miss you <3

Participant from Bratislava

Thank you for a nice experience in the heart of Žilina. 

The project Create & Control is clearly one of the best experiences of my life . During the project I had the opportunity to learn many useful skills, which I will use in my future. A huge advantage of the whole project was that I learned to work effectively in a group, I improved my reasoning and I developed my ability to think critically . I was finally given the opportunity to solve problems that are otherwise reserved for adults.I felt that my opinion, even if it was the opinion of a teenager, meant something. And who knows - maybe the project helped me find a future profession and one day I will be a diplomat!

Michal Drgoň, participant

Personally, I really enjoyed the Summit. It is clear that all the teams are really dedicated to the project, which makes me very happy. The discussion had a great atmosphere and was held at a high level. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to meet so many interesting people. 

                                                                                                                         - Jakub Bero, organizer    

 The third Žilina C&C summit was again at a high level, perhaps even higher than the previous one.  I was pleasantly surprised by the level of argumentation, rhetorical skills as well as the expertise of many delegations on a subject that was really difficult, humanly sensitive and, for some, controversial. The C&C concept itself is quite demanding, solving the assesed problems requires a comprehensive interdisciplinary and multisectoral approach. This is a compliment for the organizational team that created this concept, but also for the competing delegations, which are able to cope with it successfully.Perhaps to further motivate the delegations, which are less involved in the debate at summits, to overcome obstacles and present their positions more clearly. However, my overall impression is really very good. 

- Kálmán Petocz, juror

Create & Control was a great event. I learned there many very useful things. Everything from economics and human rights to presentation and public speaking. However, such actions are, in my opinion, most beneficial in that they provide an opportunity for huge personal growth and development. The main thing is not to be afraid and ask for feedback. I'm already looking forward to the next summit! 

- Sofia Šulek, participant

Thanks to Create & Control, I could try my first real contact with politics. The project fulfilled exactly what I expected from it! 

- Eva Schwarzová, participant