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You've reached the part of this website that may change your life for the next school year. Whether you want to become a coordinator and create a team that aims to create the best possible country or just a member, you will have countless opportunities to be part of dialogues and proposals that will move you further not only as a team but also as an individual. Thanks to Create & Control, you will learn a lot from state management, teamwork or critical thinking, but you will also become a community of like-minded people.

If you want to have the honour of being a coordinator and therefore want to lead a team of young ambitious students at your school, the first button is for you. 

The second button is for those whose goal is to be an integral part of a team with ambitions whose are both your ambitions and your ideas as well as the team's ideas. 

The third button is unique. If you are no longer a high school student but believe that your experience is usable for us and at the same time you want to offer it to us in the role of a judge, do not hesitate and apply. The competition is not just about students but about everyone who cares about education.