Meetings of delegates of fictitive countries

Summit is a model, several days-long meeting, where participants experience high politics first-hand. Various internationals problems students deal with during these Summits. The key for their solutions is an agreement, understanding and cooperation of states. These summits also summarize the progress of fictive countries. It is the formation of fictive states that teaches the participants much about economics and political systems as they alone search and choose for economical and political system of the state which the best fit for their country. 

Delegates at summits defend their country' objectives in a form of formal negotiations which helps to develop their rhetorical and debating skills. The participation at Summits also offers the competitors many experiences and acquired knowledge with formal expressions, but also the development of critical thinking or the search for good, proven sources for the basis for solving international problems during meetings.

During the summits, delegations from all fictive countries meet and formally negotiate and seek solutions to a given international problem. In the past has been addressed the problem of migration, gender identity and sustainable population growth 

In addition to meetings, various workshops or lectures are held to develop the so-called soft skills, so that the whole performance in the competition is also about self-knowledge, about understanding one's strengths and weaknesses, about creating a team of capable people ready to be active in their future life.

We want high school students to get the knowledge that the school does not offer, and to understand how a state function and why it is important to be active during high school.