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Michaela Knošková

The founder of the project and the graduate of Milan Hodža Bilingual high school continues her educational journey in London.  But this fact definitely does not discourage her from continuing in the management of the project. Her motivation and effort will be even greater this year than other years and we can all look forward to her help, advice and especially her experiences. 

Competences: Project manager, Research

Adriána Repáňová

The graduate of Milan Hodža Bilingual high school and the founder of the project is a very versatile person thanks to years of experience with organizing not only this project but many charity events as well. She is primarily interested in healthcare but has been involved in non- formal education sphere for several years.  During this year she is preparing to study medicine while working in other non- profit organizations. 

Competences: Project manager, Methodology

                                                   Matúš Gallo

Product owner, IT analyst, creator of structural features of states, former coordinator. Matúš possesses many interesting adjectives within the competition and we are sure that he will draw on these also in the future. Despite working as IT Analyst fulltime, he intends to devote all his free time to Create and Control, which we truly admire. 

Competences: Gamemaster, IT, Founder of Play Platform

                                                   Matej Sedlár

Matej is capable to work effectively in a team. He possesses a broad spectrum of knowledge, administrative skills or just mentioned organizational skills, as well as various experiences with organizing events similar size and theme, for example Model United Nations.

Competences: PR, Research 

                                                   Jakub Gembický

Jakub comes to the organizational team after two years of experience as a former coordinator of a team from Košice, thanks to what he is capable to bring to the team remarks from the opposite perspective. Thanks to the experiences from Košice he will be in charge of other matters and will help with the organization of summits.

Competences:  Consulting

                                                    Filip Kužma

A student from the Bilingual High School in Sučany became an organizer of the project after a year as a participant in the competition.  He intends to use the knowledge gained by participation in Model European Parliament both at the national and international levels and debating in Slovak Debate Association. 

Competences: Finance, Research

Jakub Andrej Filčák

A competitor, veteran of an unnecessarily high number of model conferences, pedantic debater. This year, Jakub will take the chair of the presiding arch-parliamentarian, overseeing the summits and the rules of procedure.

Competences: External consulting

                                                    Tomáš Košárek

If he is not currently busy by engaging in millions of projects and activities, then you have not got the chance to get to know him real enough yet. He likes to socialize and participate in various projects. In his free time, if any remains, he likes to taking pictures, doing sports, reading books and playing keyboard. He got to the project two years ago. The competition gave him so much and therefore he decided to take part in the project as an organizer.

Competences: Event manager

                                                   Jakub Kašjak

Jakub works in the team on the national problems and the descriptions of states. He calls himself an epic gamer with the taste and joy of all types of games. Besides the competition, this likable blonde asserts his ideas in organizing Slovak Students for Liberty, he also works in the student media platform Visegrad Journal.  

Competences:  National problems, Descriptions of states 

Jakub Benko

Project participant and former coordinator of the winning team Jakub has decided to help us with organizing Create & Control after our long urge. He is primarily working on his civic association Alebočo and many other activities.  

Competences: External consulting

Vratislav Madáč

After a two-year-long participation in the competition, Vratislav is joining the organizational team and will focus mainly on the national problems and the descriptions of states. Besides that, he is currently a student at the university where he is active in organizing various competitions, seminars and assemblies focused on mathematics and informatics.

Competences: Descriptions of states, National problems, Systems & Ministries 

And more is coming soon...