Closing conference

During Create and Control Closing conference is  announced a winning team and participants are given certificates and material prizes (Excursion to European Parliament and National Council of Slovak Republic etc.)  A part of the final evaluation is also a contribution from the jurors. They will evaluate the realism and quality of the solutions submitted by the participants in the individual rounds of the competition, as well as the overall course of the project. The event is attended by project participants and previous years participants, non-profit organizations, jurors along with project promoters and sponsors.

Also, to measure the impact of the project, during the closing conference, all participants fill in a questionnaire of basic political knowledge. 

The results of our participants are later compared with a sample of uninvolved high school students

                                                The winners of Create & Control 2017/2018                                                                                                        Vznešený Velkoštát Resaleon                                                                The School for Highly Gifted Children and the Secondary Grammar School

The winning team of  Create & Control 2017 took part in an excursion to the European parliament

In the beginning of December has our team participated in Europarliament excursion in Brussels. We learned more about how the European institutions work, took a tour of the halls and visited the new Parlamentarium. We also met with a MEP Ivan Štefanec, who explained to us what is included in his work and we talked to him about various current topics. We held a second meeting with the press adviser of the European People's Party, Atillo Agárdi, who uncovered to us what lies behind the European politics. 

During two days, which we spend in Brussels we also looked at its sights, of course, we also tried their specialities. I am very glad that I was able to take part in this excursion. I think that this project gave me insights and experiences, which I will definitely use in the future and which, I think everybody will benefit of. I wish this year participants good luck and success!  

Martin Sušienka,  Milan Hodža Bilingual High school, Sučany             

             December 2017