Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for participation in the project?

No, the whole project is free.

Whole project is in English language? 

Yes, this year Create and Control is whole in English.

Is it possible to participate with less than 7 team members?

 Yes, it sure is, your team can be created by 4-11 people.

Is there anyone to guide me through the registration process?

In case of any struggles during the registration process, do not hesitate to contact us via our email:

How many students are you planning to pick?

We will pick 5 coordinators from each of the V4 countries, therefore there will be 20 teams in total. 

How do I get to know that you have picked me?

 You will receive an e-mail from us.

Is there any concrete deadline for the applications? Until when do I have the time to apply?

The deadline was 01. 09. 2020, but many of you missed it, so we have prolonged it till 10.09.2020.

Where will the meetings take place?

Meetings will take place in every country of V4. 

Slovak Republic - Zilina, Bratislava.

Czech Republic - Brno.

Hungary - Budapest.

Poland - Krakow.

Transportation of team members to the meeting places will be provided by you? 

No, Create and Control organizers do not provide transportation to the places, where meetings will take place. 

However, travel costs will be paid to every participant, depending on distance traveled. All conditions, in which these travel costs can be reimbursed to you, one can find in the Erasmus+ norms.