T. E. A. M. - "Together everyone achieves more."

All Departments mentioned below were created to decentralize the responsibility in the team in order to develop your sense of responsibility. Being given one or more positions of Departments means you will oversee the successful delivery of task given to your team. 

You are not supposed to do the given tasks alone. You, just like in every government, need to cooperate with other teammates to logistically and logically deliver the given task. Also, you will communicate with organizers within your department.

A Delegate

Responsible for representing his or her country during one of 4 summits which come with the responsibility of preparing Position paper prior to the summit and writing Implementation afterwards. A total of 8 delegates can exist within the team, as they are selected before the summit and their position exists only for the time duration of the summit.


  • knowledge of the Rules of Procedure (do not worry, we'll send it to you when the time comes);

  • certain public speaking and argumentation skills;

  • flexible and ready to compromise;

  • writing of documents and final resolutions;

Can help:

  • former experiences with debating and model simulations UN/EP;

  • laptop (needed for writing documents during summits, it is more like a must);

  • knowing how to quickly write on laptop;


The most important position in every team involves creating the team itself, taking care of its well-being, administration and communication with organizers in team matters. In most of these responsibilities, he or she is supported by the Deputy Coordinator. 

Unlike other positions, this one is not directly connected with tasks during the project but rather with the efficiency and management of the team - to recognize strenghts of his/her team members and properly divide responsibilities.

More information in section "coordinator". 

Deputy of Coordinator

While the coordinator is selected by organizers, Deputy of Coordinator is selected by team members. His or her task is to support and cooperate with the coordinator in team matters and represent the will of teammates. Just like the position of the coordinator, the deputy coordinator serves solely for purposes of efficiency and management of the team.


  • Communication with organizers; 
  • manage deadlines;
  • team member' s representative to the coordinator; 

Can help:

  • previous experiences with work in a team;
  • observation;

Department of Finance

All your accomplishments during the project will be reflected in money you can invest in various ministries. These investments will have an impact on World events, your abilities on a multilateral level and in other departments as well, so it will be very important to divide the money between the most needed ministries for your country. 

As the minister of finance, your main responsibility is to invest free capital of your country into ministries.

Can help:

  • advanced understanding of economic and monetary concepts.

Department of World Events

Being given in three rounds during the duration of the project, World events aim to show you the shortcomings of your country. Every situation needs do be solved by short-term and long-term solutions that can be established in your country given the political, economical or social situation. Your solutions will affect the routing of your country. 

As the minister, you will oversee and create solutions to every world event.

Can help:

  • subscribing news;

  • interest in history can help as well;

  • having an overview of the world of politics.

Department of Foreign Affairs

In the world of C&C, bilateral and multilateral cooperation is built on treaties of different goals. Trade agreements, non-aggression pact or help with national problems, as the minister it will be your job to communicate with other Ministers and create strong bonds with your country. Most of the treaties need to be accepted by all involved countries(signatories). You are unable to declare war.

Your main responsibility is to write agreements between individual countries.

Example of agreement 2020/2021
Example of agreement 2020/2021

Can help:

  • having previous experience with writing such documents;

  • good grammar skills and formal vocabulary.

Department of Interior Affairs

Every team will act as the government of the country. Thus, you need to create a political and economical system, history, culture, religion and many more, as your country doesn't have any of that. You will oversee the creation of pillars of the country your team is ruling right now. Additionally, you will cooperate with other Ministers if you show the interest of expanding your history or religion abroad.


  • creation of a national flag and seal;

  • composing of music and lyrics for the national anthem;

  • design of national clothes and military uniforms;

  • cultural heritage of the country;

Can help:

  • high dose of creativity;
  • having a drawing tablet and/or sufficient photoshop skills can be very helpful;
  • having basic knowledge of vexillology;

Department of Compulsory tasks

Although all tasks except optional are compulsory, Compulsory tasks are promoting different values and goals as the rest. They are not connected to your country and are rather teaching you how to work with data or analysis in the real world. They are not given frequently but have a big worth in terms of the final evaluation. As the minister, you will oversee and upload finished Compulsory tasks.


  • writing references for European Youth Goals;

  • creating a survey concerning one of the European Youth Goals and writing a conclusion based on your findings.

Can help:

  • having analytical skills;

  • previous experience with research can help.

Department of Optional tasks

During the project, you will encounter several optional tasks aiming to expand your culture, reflect news from the real world and show others skills of your team. Given the fact they are often very artistic and do not develop your country, your goal as the minister is to try to do as much of them as you can as they can make a difference in the final evaluation, as they have already done a few times.


  • having to create uniforms for your state's army;

  • writing a recipe for your national food;

  • creating national holidays;

  • drawing a map of your capital city.

Can help:

  • good time management;

  • being a creative soul;

  • having a drawing tablet and/or sufficient photoshop skills can be very helpful.