Create & Control
National competition & Youth project

One High School = One Fictional Country 

Project Create & Control is a unique opportunity for high school students to look into the world of high politics and state administration from the perspective of those who govern.

During the competition, participants will come across various tasks and assignments which simulate real management of state and current world news.

National problems reflect how teams are managing their countries. Teams can be assigned to solve the crisis or to react to critical situations. Their solution is rated by well-known people from politics. 

Not only managing their own states but world problems as well push students to think critically about the world issues such as ecological or social crisis. This is our newest update to the game, firstly implemented in the year 2019/2020.

International problems are the main topics of summits. During one season are held three international summits. Delegations from all the teams across the Slovakia come and have a simulation of UNO (United Nations Organisation) meetings. They will get feedback from jurymen.

Solutions to national and international problems will be reviewed by the experts. They will choose the team that came with the best and most effective solutions. In the previous years, this was done by Ex-Prime Minister Iveta Radičová or eurodeputy Ivan Štefanec and countless others.

The winners will get a special prize!

Exclusive visit of the European parliament with deputy!

Project focuses on inadequate awareness of high school students about inner and outer workings of a state - economics, political system, government and the stock market. Participants also get better at argumentation and teamwork.

Create & Control was awarded as top 15 of the best educational programs in Slovakia in contest Generácia 3.0 in 2017 organized by Pontis Foundation.

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