Create & Control

International Competition & Youth Project

One High School = One Fictional Country 

Create & Control is a unique opportunity for high school students to look into the world of high politics and state administration from the perspective of those who govern.

During the competition, participants are presented with various tasks and assignments which simulate global events and the challenges of governance.

National problems challenge the ability of teams to respond to local problems and crises. Solutions are graded by a panel of public sector experts.

International problems push students to think critically and negotiate about policy on a global scale.

International summits are the focus of summits - over the course of the year, a summit will take place in each V4 country. At summits, delegations representing the competing teams meet to negotiate common solutions to international problems. These are then reviewed by qualified experts, such as Ivan Štefanec MEP, as well as many others.

Teams compete for great prizes, which include a visit to the European Parliament, books, and the joy of victory.

The project was created to address perceived inadequacies in political and financial literacy. Create & Control has won awards and recognition from the Youth Council of Slovakia, the Public Defender of Rights and the Pontis Foundation

The third Žilina C&C summit was again at a high level, perhaps even higher than the previous one. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of argumentation, rhetorical skills as well as the expertise of many delegations on a subject that was really difficult, humanly sensitive and, for some, controversial. The C&C concept itself is quite demanding, solving the assesed problems requires a comprehensive interdisciplinary and multisectoral approach. This is a compliment for the organizational team that created this concept, but also for the competing delegations, which are able to cope with it successfully.Perhaps to further motivate the delegations, which are less involved in the debate at summits, to overcome obstacles and present their positions more clearly. However, my overall impression is really very good.

- Kálmán Petocz, former Head of the Permanent Mission of the Slovak Republic to the UN in Geneva

Create & Control was a great event. I learned there many very useful things. Everything from economics and human rights to presentation and public speaking. However, such actions are, in my opinion, most beneficial in that they provide an opportunity for huge personal growth and development. The main thing is not to be afraid and ask for feedback. I'm already looking forward to the next summit!

- Sofia Šulek, participant

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